The Perfect Puppy Company

Dog training & behaviour consultations in East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow & surrounding areas


Every dog owner wants their dog to be a well mannered member of the family - a dog that's a pleasure to have around and can join in with family activities. But we don't always get what we want!

Does your dog ignore you? Refuse to come back? Pull on the lead? Is your dog anxious and scared?  Does your puppy nip you? Chew things? Toilet in the house? Do you feel out of your depth?

I can help. 

The Perfect Puppy Company provides dog training & behavour consultations using simple, kind, effective techniques in East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow & surrounding areas. I also specialise in supporting families with dogs prepare for life with babies & young children and am the only trainer in Scotland with specific training in this field.

Happy Training,

Aileen Stevenson KPA CTP, IMDT

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