Everything you need to know before & after you bring your new puppy home including house training, crate training, the importance of socialisation, how to handle common puppy problems like mouthing & chewing, how to ensure safe dog/child interactions and how to train the behaviours you want including settling, keeping four paws on the floor, loose lead walking,  and recall. 

You can choose anything from a single session up to a  5 session private, in home puppy class tailored to your puppy and your lifestyle. This is a great option if your schedule doesn't fit in with standard puppy classes, if you have more than one puppy or if a class environment isn't suitable for your pup.

In home training allows you to get started right away without having to wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated and is a great opportunity to get off to a flying start together.


Puppy Prep...everything you need to know BEFORE your pup arrives (1.5 hr) £75
Puppy Training (1 x 1 hr session) £55
Puppy Training (3 x 1 hr sessions) £150
Private Puppy Class (5 x 1 hr sessions plus email support) £ 240