Snow Days & Dogs

Scotland is closed for business today after #thebeastfromtheeast hit with a vengeance! A snow day means the unexpected chance to get out there and enjoy the snow with your dog. Every dog I’ve ever had has loved the snow…ploughing through it with their noses, rolling in it. Charlie acts like a pup again when he sees the snow….zoomies abound!

Just remember a few tips to keep things fun –

Keep warm

You & them! Unless your dog has a thick double coat put a jacket on them. They get cold too! Keep walks shorter than normal in freezing temperatures. Would you like to be out for hours in your bare feet in the snow? And remember small dogs, puppies and older dogs get cold more quickly than larger dogs. How cold is too cold? Check this out –


Paw Care

Rub some paw wax on their paws to protect them and stop snow ‘balling’ painfully between their paws and to protect their paws from salt on the roads. If you don’t have paw wax you can use coconut oil. Or make your own with this recipe. Dry your dog’s feet when you come in to prevent him licking them and ingesting chemicals from rock salt and antifreeze. More on paw care here -


Loose leads all the way

Snow and ice make it so much easier for your dog to topple you if he pulls. Reward, reward, reward your dog for staying by your side when on lead.

Stay close

Did you know more dogs get lost in winter than at any other time of the year? Snow and ice make it easier for them to lose their scent making them disorientated and less able to find their way back to you.

Hidden Dangers

With the snow and ice comes antifreeze. Its sweet smell and taste mean dogs will readily lick it but it’s highly toxic and even small amounts can be fatal. Make sure it’s stored safely, be careful not to spill any when you’re topping up your car, check your radiator for leaks and never let your dog lick any frozen liquid off the ground. Be aware of frozen ponds and rivers that could be hidden under the snow.

Remembering these will keep your walks safe and fun. Let the zoomies abound!

Cheers x